Bjorn Swenson

Muju Juju is a 2D strategy defense game. Muju must defend his shrine from an onslaught of forest creatures by summoning and upgrading an army of his own. The game features a unique death mechanic where you temporarily enter the spirit world on death to gather "juju" before being resurrected again.

Winner of the 2014 New Mexico Game Jam

Siphon is a puzzle platformer in which you harness nature to save the world. You take on the role of this flower-alien-girl named Trella, who has the ability to control nature. Trella uses these powers to defeat a swarm of robots that have invaded her once-peaceful homeworld.

Koi is an arcade game. The player controls two koi fish simultaneously, trying to collect bubbles and avoid a giant puffer fish. The puffer fish also collects bubbles and grows in size, and the player's job is to stop this from happening by using their magical tangoing powers.

2nd Place Winner of the 2013 New Mexico Game Jam

Recent Work

iAnt Project

I am currently a software developer on the iAnt project, which takes a biologically-inspired approach to swarm robotics and develops efficient spatial search algorithms. Responsible for writing iPhone apps and networking servers which control and monitor the robots' behavior, as well as designing and implementing a genetic algorithm which evolves the logic for the robots in real-time. Topics include robotics, computer vision, networking, optimization, and concurrency.

Objective C (Cocoa, iOS), C++ (OpenCV), Arduino, Bash


I am a programmer in the Reality-Augmented Virtual Environment Lab (RAVE Lab). I work with modelers, concept artists, and animators to create a 3D virtual world. The virtual world is an educational tool, meant to be used in the classroom to promote energy awareness. The world includes educational games to promote learning, configurable lesson plans to be used by the teacher, and networked social features to encourage collaborative learning. Topics include educational game design, 3D workflows, and networking.

C# (Unity)

Sandia National Laboratories

I worked in the Data Analysis, Visualization, and Communication (DAV-C) group as a software developer, where I created visualizations, data-driven dashboards, and backend systems. I was also responsible for creating and deploying web applications, writing test suites, and designing API layers. Experience with D3, relational and non-relational databases, node.js, and PHP frameworks.

HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript (node.js, D3, MongoDB), PHP (Laravel), SQL, Python


University of New Mexico

B.S. Computer Science, Biology Minor